[ENG] AUDIO - District Conventions Dramas from 1967 to 2012

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1967_Jehovahs Name To Be Declared In All The Earth (Moses).mp3
1967_Leaving the City of Refuge Means Loss of Life.mp3
1968_Jehovahs Way the Way of Victory (Jephtah).mp3
1969_Are You A Modern Day Jonah (Jonah).mp3
1969_Let No Man Ever Look Down on Your Youth.mp3
1969_Show respect for Jehovahs appointments.mp3
1969_Thorns and Traps are in the Way of the Independant One.mp3
1970_Love Is a Perfect Bond of Union (Esther).mp3
1970_Who Needs Your Help (Modern Day).mp3
1971_Jehovah Blesses the Loyal Ones (Balaam).mp3
1971_Make Jehovahs Purpose Your Way of Life (Ruth & Naomi).mp3
1971_What is in your Heart.mp3
1972_Gird Yourselves with Lowliness of Mind (Naaman).mp3
1973_Shout for Jehovah has Given you the City (Rahab).mp3
1973_The Zeal for Your House Will Eat Me Up (Jesus Ministry).mp3
1973_Who Will Escape and Stand Before the Son of Man.mp3
1974_Beware of Losing Faith and Drawing Away From Jehovah (Moses Wilderness years).mp3
1974_The Tested Quality of our Faith (Apostle Paul).mp3
1974_To Whose Authority Do You Listen (Jeroboam).mp3
1975_Do Not Become Unevenly Yoked with Unbelievers (Elijah and Jezebel).mp3
1975_Keep Your Senses and Go On Building with the Greater Noah (Noah).mp3
1975_Pure and Upright Practices - Necessary To A Childs Life (Samuel).mp3
1975_That the Word of God May Not be Spoken of Abusively.mp3
1976_Are You an Example to the Flock.mp3
1976_Have you fixed your heart on Jehovah's worship (Josiah).mp3
1976_In Showing Honor Take The Lead.mp3
1976_Maintaining Integrity Down To The End (three Hebrews).mp3
1977_Are You Whole-souled in Service to God (Nehemiah).mp3
1977_Jehovahs Name to be Declared in All The Earth (Moses, Ten Plagues, Exodus).mp3
1978_Do Not Look Behind You and Do Not Stand Still (Lot).mp3
1978_The Scriptural Adornment of Christian Women (first-century Christians).mp3
1978_To Whom Do You Belong (first-century Christians).mp3
1978_Youths What is Your Goal in Life (Timothy).mp3
1979_Be Transformed by Making Your Mind Over (Phinehas, Zimri, Cozbi).mp3
1979_The Need of the Fatherless Boy - Can You Help Him.mp3
1979_What are you Choosing (Moses).mp3
1980_Do Not Despise Sacred Things.mp3
1980_Jehovah Will Guard the Way of His Loyal Ones (David).mp3
1980_The Battle is not yours but Gods (Jehoshaphat).mp3
1981_Beware of Rebellious Talk (Korah, Dathan, Abiram).mp3
1981_Jehovah Rewards His Loyal Ones (Saul, David).mp3
1982_Fearless Proclaimer of an Unpopular Message.mp3
1982_How Will They Hear Without Someone to Preach.mp3
1983_Maintaining Family Unity.mp3
1983_Unitedly Getting Gods Work Done Despite Opposition (Nehemiah).mp3
1984_Divine Education Increases Kingdom Fruitage.mp3
1984_Guard Against Disgraceful Folly (Achan).mp3
1985_Fear God , Turn Away From Bad (Job).mp3
1985_Your Future - A Challenge.mp3
1986_Preserving Life In Time Of Famine (Joseph).mp3
1986_Seek God's Righteousness for Survival.mp3
1987_Jehovah Delivers Those Calling on His Name (Joshua).mp3
1987_Loyal Submission to Jehovah and His Organisation (Modern Day).mp3
1988_Jehovah's Judgments Against Law-defying People (Noah and Lot).mp3
1988_Marked For Survival.mp3
1989_Subject Yourselves to Jehovah.mp3
1990_Coping With the Devil's Crafty Acts (Youthful Associations).mp3
1990_Doing God's Will With Zeal (Jehu).mp3
1991_Set Free to Promote True Worship (Ezra).mp3
1992_Doing What is Right in Jehovah's Eyes (King Josiah).mp3
1993_Do Not Be Mislead or Mock God.mp3
1993_Youths Who Remember Their Creator Now.mp3
1994 Drama  - The Choices You Face (Joshua, Elijah).mp3
1995_Honoring Worthy Ones in Older Years.mp3
1996_Why Respect Theocratic Arrangements (Judges 6&7).mp3
1997_Keep Your Eye Simple.mp3
1998_Make Bible Reading Your Way of Life.mp3
1999_Appreciating Our Spiritual Heritage (Jacob and Esau).mp3
2000_Warning Examples for Our Day (Plains of Moab).mp3
2001_Respect Jehovah's Authority (Korah).mp3
2002_Stand Firm in Troublesome Times (Jeremiah).mp3
2003_Boldly Witnessing Despite Opposition (Stephen).mp3
2004_They Bore Thorough Witness to the Good News (Apostles).mp3
2005_Pursue Goals That Honor God (Timothy).mp3
2006_To Whose Authority do You Submit (Jeroboam, old prophet).mp3
2007_Clothe Yourselves With Lowliness of Mind (Gehazi).mp3
2007_Gods Word Is Alive and Exerts Power (Jesus).mp3
2008_Do Not Leave the Love You Had at First (Apostle John's time).mp3
2009_Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life (Modern Day).mp3
2010_Walk By Faith and Not By Sight (1st Century).mp3
2011_Young Ones - Be Discreet and Wise (1st Century).mp3
2012_What Is True Love (Modern Day).mp3
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